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planner guide sample

“I just received the 16 planners. They are truly a great hit! The teachers love them!”
....Autism Consultant.

“We are using the planner at home and my son’s therapist is going to start using it at school. Keep up the good work you are doing”

“The planner helps me be organized and in control of my life!”
….Planner User.

“The planner is a family saver!”

“The planner helps me know what to do when I am stressed or having a problem!”
….Planner User.

“Please know how much we love the product and value your work!”

“Thank you so much for the planner. It helps give me lesson plans and practical strategies for my students”

“I would like to say as a parent of a 20 year old with autism, I think this planner is a wonderful tool!”

“I would like a planner to display, have when I do presentations and to show families.”
….Service Director

“ I work in and adult community based program. We love your product and are using it with students in several classrooms.”
….Speech and Language Pathologist.

“Very easy to use. All the work is done for you. We teach the guides and have students refer to them later. We use with students of varying reading levels.”

“Well put together, complete, and all done for the user. Awesome!”

“This is a quality product that has obviously taken a lot of thought and time to create. It helps my daughter, who has autism, to feel organized and more capable to handle her own schedule!”

This school year I had the pleasure of being shown the Planner Guide by an ASD teacher consultant. Since finding the Planner Guide I have been able to provide students with a visual guide to help with decision making as well as lowering anxiety. The layout of the Planner Guide makes it so simple to focus in on a very specific skill set. The information found in the Planner Guide is so easy to find and navigate that it has become a powerful tool not only for my students with ASD, but for my typical functioning students as well. Any part of daily life whether it is at school, work or even home is covered in the Planner Guide. It truly is a tool that comes with unlimited possibilities. Thank you for creating the Planner Guide and helping to give people opportunities that they may otherwise not have had.
Nick Thomas, Student Support Services
Woodland Park Academy - Grand Blanc, MI

"An incredible, comprehensive, and user-friendly life guide to social communication concepts and skills." Carol Gray,
Developer of Social Stories™
& Comic Strip Conversations

"This is an excellent resource that will be extremely valuable for individuals, parents, and schools."
Tony Attwood, Ph.D.
Author of Asperger's Syndrome

"The Planner is Fabulous! User friendly . . . promotes independence . . . and it's VISUAL!"
Linda Hodgdon, M.Ed.
Author of Visual Strategies